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Accurate air flow measurement in waste water treatment plant

Differential Pressure flow meter helped reduce energy consumption and increase plant efficiency

Aeration efficiency and selection of right blowers are the most important factors in waste water treatment process to maintain the oxygen demands. Aeration typically consumes 60% of the total energy consumption of the plant. Hence, air flow measurement is one of the critical parameters to optimize efficiency of aeration systems. Our cost effective differential pressure flow meter helped this sewage waste water treatment plant in the Middle East to meet process requirements and save energy.

Flow measuring solution based on differential pressure in Middle East reduces energy consumption

Differential Pressure flow meter installation on a pipeline size of two meters

Benefits at a glance

  • Reliable air flow measurements helped match blower air flow to the process requirements

  • Enabled scheduling of blower operation to maximize longevity

  • Avoid idle operation and bleeding of the air leading to lower energy consumption

  • Reduced installation costs and time as no additional hardware was required for installation

  • Cost savings with modular concept for easy replacement of sensor, display or electronics

The Challenge

Selecting the right technology and engineering was extremely important for this application considering that the blowers discharge pressure was very low (approximately 15 to 20 mbar) and we were dealing with a GRP pipeline of size 2000 mm. The customer was looking for a reliable solution to measure the flow rate and long term cost benefits.

Our Solution

Adhering to the international flow standards we fulfilled the process requirements for:

  • The right technology with a proven track record for these kind of applications

  • Single point of contact for all aspects of the installation

  • Reduced installation costs and time, no additional hardware required

  • Elimination of leakages and reduction of pressure loss from sensor to transmitter due to the compact design of the flow meter


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