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Keeping the turbine running

State-of-the-art SWAS solution for Zwickau Süd power plant

Newly built biomass power plant monitors its steam and water quality with our Steam/ Water Analysis System (SWAS). The main parameters measured are conductivity and pH.

SWAS analytical panel for the water/steam cycle at the combined heat and power plant Zwickau Süd ©HeizkraftwerkZwickauSüdGmbH

The results

  • Complete SWAS solution package running smoothly since day one

  • Minimum maintenance and simple operation thanks to devices with Memosens technology.

  • The high reliability and availability of the solution ensures that the plant can be operated by a single employee.

Mr Lutz Loos from Heizkraftwerk Zwickau Süd GmbH

"We are amazed how reliable and low-maintenance the SWAS panel solution is and can fully recommend it to other power plant operators."

Lutz Loos, Project leader
Heizkraftwerk Zwickau Süd GmbH

Customer challenge

To maximize the plant’s lifetime HKWZS needed a reliable monitoring of the water/ steam cycle to detect impurities that could otherwise damage the plant equipment. In addition, the turbine supplier specified a maximum conductivity value of 0.2μS/cm to maintain the warranty. Since the CHP is operated 24/7 with just seven employees, the solution had to be extremely reliable, easy-to-operate and low maintenance.

Our solution

To cope with these challenges, the plant management decided to use our turnkey SWAS
monitoring solution. It was up and running within three days and consisted of several parts:

  • State-of-the-art measuring devices optimized for the power industry

  • Lab equipment for commissioning and validation of the instruments.

  • Several services such as consulting and training to customize the solution and to bring it into the process.

  • Data logging of the water and steam quality to maintain the turbine warranty.

Measurement instrumentation at CPH Zwickau Süd

  • 9 x Condumax CLS15D sensors for low conductivity

  • 2 x Orbisint CPS11D pH sensors with salt ring

  • 2 x Liquiline CM448 multichannel transmitters with integrated data logging

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