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Liquefied natural gas (LNG)

Real-time measurement of contaminants down to trace levels

Monitoring impurities in gas feed to the cold box to ensure reliable liquefaction and on-time shipments

Moisture H2O in molecular sieve outlet

Gas moisture concentration at outlet of desiccant dryers to prevent freeze-up of liquefaction train. Measuring range starting from 0 to 2 ppmv.

Traditional approach

  • Electrochemical cells are affected by trace hydrocarbons and other contaminants requiring frequent replacement

  • Quartz crystal moisture balances are sensitive to contaminants and have high OPEX

Our solution

SpectraSensors' non-contact laser is immune to damage and has with no wet-up or dry-down delays even when the concentration changes dramatically

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Typical analytes and measuring ranges

  • Analyte: H2S - Range: 0-10 ppmv

  • Analyte: H2O - Range: 0-2 to 0-10 ppmv

  • Analyte: CO2 - Range: 0-100 ppmv

Unique benefits

  • Reliable trace-level (sub-ppm) measurement with “Differential Spectroscopy”

  • Periodic self-validation with an integral, internal permeation tube avoids downstream up-set

  • Exceptionally fast response to detect moisture breakthrough

  • Monitoring impurities in gas feed to the cold box to ensure reliable liquefaction, on-time shipments

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