Smart RFID TAG's

Quick, safe identification of measuring points

Quick and safe identification of measuring points is essential to avoid prolonged plant downtime and failures in data acquisition. But this can often be a difficult and time-consuming task as many plants have a large number of measuring points, often with illegible or difficult to access nameplates. The RFID tag harnesses existing technology to provide a solution to the problem.


  • Easy identification: devices can be identified even if the nameplate cannot be seen or is no longer readable.

  • Easy access: all device documentation can be accessed locally via the Operations app or Field Xpert.

  • Open standard: the NFC (Near Field Communication) standard works with most mobile devices.

Fast, wireless identification

The RFID tag allows instruments to be identified wirelessly, using the established and robust NFC (Near Field Communication) standard. Devices can be identified even if the nameplate cannot be seen or is no longer readable. The system is suited to even the harshest environments, where vibration or heavy soiling used to make identifying measuring points difficult. There is also a hazardous area version of the tag for use in explosive atmospheres.

Working smarter

Interacting with the free Endress+Hauser Operations app, in conjunction with the latest generation of smart devices, the RFID tag makes technical documentation and information concerning spare parts available for any specific measuring point on site. This makes work easier across the product’s entire life cycle, potentially reducing costs of installation, commissioning and maintenance. Hazardous area solutions are available using our Field Xpert handheld tool.

Let us collect your asset data

Installed Base Audit (IBA) team form Endress+Hauser can collect your asset data in the shortest time possible with minimal inconvenience to your plant. As part of this IBA we can now fit all Endress+Hauser and third-party devices with tags to enable easy identification and data access.

RFID tag: Quick, safe identification of measuring points. ©Endress+Hauser

RFID tag: Easy identification of measuring points for improved data access


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